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Act Fast! Here’s What Happens When You Don’t Handle Water Damage Immediately

February 14, 2020

Not everyone is aware of the correlation between water damage and mold growth. In the moment, the only thing you are thinking about is the current flooding situation taking over your floors and belongings and what you need to do to dry everything out before all is ruined. But mold is a very real concern—when a mold issue is not discovered early, your home and possessions could become infested with mold spores. What’s worse is that mold spores can easily travel through the air into your ductwork and cause poor indoor air quality and health problems. Don’t wait! When you... View Article

Family First! Protect Your Home by Doing This Regularly

February 3, 2020

You might suspect that you have mold inside your house, but aren’t sure what to look for. One of the first signs of a mold problem is health issues, or feeling sick whenever you are at home and better when you leave. The symptoms and results of mold exposure can be serious—especially exposure to toxic black mold. Don’t put your and your family’s health at risk! Hire an expert in mold remediation to perform a thorough mold inspection of your home just to be sure. Below are the top benefits of scheduling a mold inspection and home air quality testing... View Article

How Thermal Imaging in Ormond Beach, FL Is Used to Locate Mold in Your Home

April 3, 2019

What do you think of when you hear the term “thermal imaging”? Perhaps it brings to mind military tactics or sci-fi movies. While these settings may make use of thermal imaging in Ormond Beach, FL, another industry is making use of this technology right in your home. This technique can be used to detect mold. How is this possible, you might ask? Here’s the scoop on thermal imaging in Ormond Beach, FL. How is thermal imaging used to locate mold in my home? Infrared cameras can generate images of heat radiation. This allows a technician to locate moisture inside walls... View Article

Do You Really Need to Get Indoor Air Quality Testing in Ormond Beach, FL More than Once?

April 3, 2019

If homeowners check the quality of the air in their home once, the assumption may be that this task is complete. However, this is far from true—the truth is, indoor air quality testing in Ormond Beach, FL should be done regularly. Simply because the quality was good once doesn’t guarantee it will stay that way. As with other home maintenance items, this should be an ongoing task that is completed as needed. Learn More! So, when is indoor air quality testing in Ormond Beach, FL needed? Test your air quality under the following circumstances: New seasons: While Florida may not... View Article

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