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February 3, 2020

You might suspect that you have mold inside your house, but aren’t sure what to look for. One of the first signs of a mold problem is health issues, or feeling sick whenever you are at home and better when you leave. The symptoms and results of mold exposure can be serious—especially exposure to toxic black mold. Don’t put your and your family’s health at risk! Hire an expert in mold remediation to perform a thorough mold inspection of your home just to be sure.

Below are the top benefits of scheduling a mold inspection and home air quality testing in Erie County.

Avoid symptoms of mold exposure

There are some very serious symptoms associated with long-term exposure to mold. While typical mold symptoms are not great, black mold symptoms are the most dangerous, and can even be life threatening. Household members who are already ill or suffer from an autoimmune disease are at higher risk of dangerous symptoms of mold exposure, ranging from skin rashes to allergies to common cold symptoms. However, black mold symptoms include more serious respiratory problems and infections, chronic fatigue and headaches, asthma complications, neurological problems and toxic mold syndrome.

Improve indoor air quality

Airborne mold will have a significant impact on indoor air quality. In short, mold makes air unhealthy to breathe. Mold exposure can lead to mold symptoms, symptoms which occur when mold spores are inhaled and settle in the nasal passages or lungs. If you suspect an indoor mold problem, the best thing you can do is hire a mold remediation expert to test your indoor air quality for signs of mold spores. He or she can also perform a visual mold inspection to look for signs of mold growth throughout your home, and in some cases, the exterior spaces near your house. If they see mold in your house, a test will be performed to rule out toxic black mold growth.

Reduce the possibility of structural damage

Mold growth can have a negative impact on more than human health—it’s also a risk to the structural integrity of your house. Since mold likes to grow in areas that are damp and warm, there’s a good chance that you could have mold growing in areas of your home that are not as visible as others, like behind walls, within floors or ceilings, underneath plumbing fixtures and underneath appliances.

The combination of water damage and mold growth can cause serious problems with the wooden structures, electrical wiring and insulation of your home, all of which can cost you big time should they need to be repaired or replaced. Take preventative steps to reduce or prevent the risks of serious structural damage by getting a mold inspection and a mold remediation consultation sooner rather than later.

Now that you know there are benefits connected to home air quality testing in Erie County, it’s time to call a team of local experts. Contact Ahold of Mold Environmental today for more information or to schedule a mold inspection!

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