Act Fast! Here’s What Happens When You Don’t Handle Water Damage Immediately

February 14, 2020

Not everyone is aware of the correlation between water damage and mold growth. In the moment, the only thing you are thinking about is the current flooding situation taking over your floors and belongings and what you need to do to dry everything out before all is ruined. But mold is a very real concern—when a mold issue is not discovered early, your home and possessions could become infested with mold spores. What’s worse is that mold spores can easily travel through the air into your ductwork and cause poor indoor air quality and health problems.

Don’t wait! When you have water damage, make sure to schedule mold testing and water damage restoration at the same time. Below, water damage restoration specialists in Erie County explain the importance of dealing with water damage immediately.

Mold grows quickly

Mold can start to grow within 48 hours after water damage. Whether it’s something like a minor leak or a full-on plumbing malfunction, any amount of water damage in areas can lead to mold spores if you’re not paying close attention. Unfortunately, many home plumbing leaks are hidden behind walls, in the ceiling, underneath floorboards, etc.—and it’s these hidden spaces that cradle moisture. Combine moisture with humidity and you have the perfect breeding ground for mold spores.

However, having water damage does not automatically mean you will have mold. It’s true that the sooner you get the water cleaned up, the better, but only a water damage expert can determine if you have a mold problem or are likely to have one in the future.

Timeframe of mold growth and spreading

Once mold takes hold, it won’t be long before it starts making new spores to send into the air. Be aware that it can be only hours before mold spreads throughout the home by way of ductwork, open doorways and the like. Mold spores that get into the air ducts will have easy access to every room in your home, especially when the heater or air conditioner is running.

Stopping mild growth

Of course you want to know how to stop mold growth inside your home, but mold growth from daily moisture buildup in showers and basements is different from mold growth associated with water damage from a burst pipe or plumbing backup. To avoid mold growth and costly repairs, call a pro as soon as possible.

Mold growth and spores after water damage can only be stopped by a mold remediation and water damage restoration expert. Find a local mold remediation and inspection service that is prompt and reliable, that has years of experience and uses professional restoration equipment.

Ahold of Mold Environmental has a team of the most reliable water damage restoration specialists in Erie County. We offer 24-hour emergency water removal and water damage restoration services to help you avoid mold growth and prolonged inconvenience. Call us anytime for emergency services or to schedule an on-site mold inspection. We look forward to assisting you in keeping your family safe!

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